Acorn Antiques : 8th-12th April 2014

The award-winning amateur theatre group ELODS are proud to present this hilarious musical by Victoria Wood, based on the well-loved TV series. The musical follows Miss Babs' struggle to keep her antiques business open, as shop after shop in the High Street is forced out by faceless chains. Can she afford to turn down the offer from The Guilty Bean (the world's second biggest chain of coffee shops - "We're second so we grind harder") and if they do update the shop, can they still afford to employ Mrs Overall? And will Mr Clifford ever get his memory back, and remember who he's engaged to? And most worryingly, will Mrs Overall be able to tap dance while holding the tray?

Macaroon anyone?

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Booking Details

Please see our tickets page for booking details.

Dates and Prices

Standard Concession
Tuesday 8 April 7:30pm 14.00 13.00
Wednesday 9 April 7:30pm 15.00 14.00
Thursday 10 April 7:30pm 15.00 14.00
Friday 11 April 7:30pm 16.00 -
Saturday 12 April 2:30pm 16.00 15.00
Saturday 12 April 7:30pm 16.00 -

1 discount per ticket if 10 or more.

Concessions = Senior citizens and children under 16 years only.

Friends of Elods - 1 off up to 4 tickets.

School Groups: 10 per ticket, except Fri & Saturday

Students: 10 Tuesday only

Our theatre

The Wyllyotts Theatre is a well established theatre for amateur shows with an enthusiastic audience. It has many excellent facilities for audiences, including newly upgraded seating and a friendly bar and cafe.

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Book, music and lyrics by Victoria Wood